The Cats Whiskers set the standard 15 years ago and it still does today. I am proud to say that I own it. Not All Catteries Have This Special Design. The Cats Whiskers Telephone 01527 861 573


I own cats myself and I fully understand what it means to an owner to go on holiday and have to leave their pet behind.

I always do my best and know that it is my job to make sure that your pussycat is loved, fed and kept safe until you return.

I run a cattery that is fully licensed by the strict Wychavon district council and is fully approved by the Feline Advisory Bureau.

Please take the time to read my customer comments section which can also be found on the F.A.B. website.


I am a training teacher for up and coming F.A.B. hopeful cattery proprietors. So far I have trained 2 proprietors that have gone on to run successful catteries, although my cattery keeps me busy enough so I don’t really do much training.

All of the pens at my cattery have a two feet gap between them, I am very proud of this as I am probably the only cattery with this design. This unique design allows the cattery to have much more fresh air, especially in the hot summer months.

I have two family pens at the moment but the rest of my pens will house three cats comfortably if all cats are from the same family.

All the cats enjoy a wonderful view from their pen, as all of the pens overlook the garden. The garden is always kept in tiptop condition all year round; my garden also has a fishpond and patio.

The cats never get bored as I am always around; there is always something going on and plenty of entertainment. There’s even music playing to entertain the ‘guests’ for when I am not around.

The whole cattery gives an aura of calm, happiness and relaxation. This means that the cats always enjoy their stay with me here, other than the fact, I have been running the cattery for ten years now.

In the 15 years I have been running The Cats Whiskers, I have built up a large clientele and the site has not expanded, so for that reason last minute availability is always tight. I always advise to book early as its always disappointing to find you cant book a stay. For any questions about bookings, phone 01527 861 573


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